Welcome to 4th Cat Tat


I have been wanting to start a cycling blog for a while now. I’m not really sure why and have never really had anything to particularly write about but that all changed on Friday 28th October 2016.

Before I get to that though I suppose I should explain the reason behind the name of the blog..4th Cat Tat – and yes, before you ask, Tat is spelt correctly!

The 4th Cat Tat (Tattoo) is something you get once and try your damned hardest not to get again – but if you are as clumsy as me you always fail. You see, the 4th Cat Tattoo is the notorious mark of the entry level racer. A greasy chain ring shaped mark left on the right hand side calf caused by carelessly un-clipping from your bike and promptly brushing your leg against your drive train, all covered in lovely grease and oil, much to the amusement of your more seasoned cycling friends.

Of course, this doesn’t matter one iota, but cyclists are vein, and in our (my) continued effort to emulate the look of the professionals, this will just not do. Yes, that does mean we (I) think we look good in lycra! I have now started to make a conscious effort to un-clip with my left foot first every single time.

Oh the life of a cyclist…

Now, where was I, ahh yes, Friday 28th October 2016.


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